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Here you can find a large selection of scenery and statues made by modelmaker

Justin Mulder. Please take your time to check everything out and if you have any questions feel free to ask them using the contact form. 


November 29th - Star Wars: Bull Rancor

My interpretation of the famous and fan-favorite Rancor monster from Jabba's Palace in "Return of The Jedi"; the Bull Rancor!

November 29th 2021 - Smurf Rocket!

Dreamy Smurf's homemade rocket that he  used to travel to another planet. From the classic book "The Astro Smurf". Work in Progress, but almost there! Get a closer look!

September 11 2021 - Teddy Ruxpin: L.B. Bounder!

From the Wonderous World of Teddy Ruxpin comes L.B; Tweegs right-hand Bounder!


July 23 2021 - Star Wars: Salacious Crumb!

Salacious Crumb, the Kowakian monkey-lizard from the planet Kowak! Best known as the court jester of Jabba the Hutt! Beautful bust thats 10.5 inches tall! Check him out!

June 8 2021 - Critters: Krite!

This is my version of a Krite from the Critters franchise. It's something I wanted to make for a long time and I'm very pleased it's finally done. I looked at all the different Krite variants from all 5 Critters movies and cherry-picked details from all of them. And this is what I came up with!


January 1 2021 - Star Wars: Amanaman!

Recently finished the latest addition to Jabba's Court; Amanaman! Coming soon! 

March 24 2020 - Dungeons & Dragons: The Beholder!

A Beholder is an aberration normally found in the Underdark. These large, orb-shaped beings have ten eyestalks and one central eye, each containing powerful magic. Powerful and intelligent, beholders are among the greatest threats to the world. Check out my version of this creature!

January 1 2019 - Ralphy and the Rang-E- Koos

Ralphy and the Rang-E- Koos is a charming, children’s book from author Chris Hill. The book focusses on bringing awareness to the daily struggles of children with Dyslexia, through the adventures of the lovable main character Ralphy

Mr Hill approached CustomScenery to make statues of the story's main characters and I happily obliged! Check them out here!

July 10- Star Wars: Jabba's Palace

My Jabba The Hutt statue has mutated and grown into a Jabba's Palace set. I've finished four more denizen and accessories and am working on some actual structure pieces as we speak. Everything is made 1:10cm so it's pretty big and I'm planning on also making a Rancor, that would be approx. 50 cm / 20 inch. Stay tuned!