Here you can find a large selection of scenery and statues made by modelmaker

Justin Mulder. Please take your time to check everything out and if you have any questions feel free to ask them using the contact form. 



Salacious B. Crumb Statuette

Posted 15/1/2017

Everybody's favorite Kowakian monkey-lizard is finally done! Been added to the Statues section and will be available on eBay for a few weeks! Check him out!


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Updated 'Statues' Section

Posted 9/7/2015

More statues are updated & uploaded daily, check em out!

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Jabba The Hutt

Posted 5/7/2015

I'm currently working on, well, a lot of different projects, BUT one of them is Star Wars' Jabba the Hutt! Sculpting is done, I'm now in the process of painting him. I'm still working on the basic design of his throne. I'm not gonna copy the one from Jedi, maybe Ill try something resembeling the concept Jabba the Hutt maquette done by Phil Tippett. Stay tuned for more!

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Site Updates

Posted 5/7/2015

CustomScenery.nl will be going through some changes in the next couple of weeks. Some pages will temporarily be unavailable or incomplete. Please bare with me! Thanks guys!

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