This was my submission for the "Food For Thought" contest on It won first place!




Sometime in the 1980's, on a rainy afternoon, a scientist named Baxter Stockman was enjoying an apple whilst walking through downtown New York. After a few bites he discovered a worm in his apple! Disgusted, he tossed the worm in the gutter where it was washed down the drain. After briefly considering finishing the apple he tossed it as well. The worm and apple ended up in the sewer where they landed in a green, slimy ooze. The ooze began to change them, giving them characteristics of the life-form they were in contact with last. They became scentiant, intelligent even. Bad Apple began to develop increased mind power and became an evil genius. Newton's intelligence stagnated at the level of a 6 year old child. To this day they still dwell in the New York sewer system, devising evil plots, ranging from world domination to obtaining a half eaten candy bar that came floating by. 

2 original characters to add to the Turtleverse! Bad Apple & Newton were sculpted with epoxy and painted with Revell model paints. Newton is removable.