"Before the Mutants of Plun-Darr joined forces to capture the Eye of ThunDera, they were in perpetual war with each other. After an attack on his village by savage Jackalmen, a young reptilian named Crollor decided to take a stand against the rival mutant tribes. To him, the Reptilians were to be the true rulers of Plun-Darr, not Monkians, Jackals, Vultures or Rats. He joined the Grand Reptilian Army, where he became feared for his brute strength and ferociousness in battle. Over time he rose to the rank of Captain of the GRA, surpassed only by the General; Slithe. 

When the Mutant leaders planned their collaborative attack on the dying planet ThunDera, Crollor was outraged that he and his Reptilian brothers were forced to fight side by side with lesser mutants. He formed a separatist movement, advocating Reptilian domination of the planet. A coup was attempted, but the relative small band of Reptilian warriors were no match for the combined forces of the newly formed Army of Plun-Darr. Crollor was captured and brought before the Mutant leaders. Instead of the ultimate punishment, they decided to humiliate and degrade him; Crollor was stripped of his rank and exiled from the known world, condemned to wander the uncharted territories of Plun-Darr. 

He disappeared in the vast wilderness and over the years Crollor was forgotten by most. But those who remember Crollor's words of revenge do not ask 'if' he will return, but 'when'..."



This is a statue of my original ThunderCats character: Crollor! I tried to put everything that I love about ThunderCats into this statue, combining sci-fi with Swords & Scorcery by giving him a mechanical leg for instance. The Ax and right hand are sculpted as one and can be plugged onto the arm below the wristband. I did that so that I have the option to make more hands in the future to have more display options. 

I gave him a number of accessories, almost all of them removable:

- An 18" Ax
- Helmet
- Handsewn (by me!) loincloth
- Leather belt with sculpted shoulderguard, which features the Reptilian insignia, as seen on the VHS release of the ThunderCats pilot episode "Exodus"
- Leather sheath with fully sculpted, removeable dagger.
- Necklace with sculpted tooth
- Morning Star, fully sculpted and with real metal chain
- Talisman/compass
- Rope. "Made" from a shoelace