As kids, me and my friends at school always enjoyed drawing Ninja Turtles. It's not that difficult, but I became pretty good at it, some would even say "the best ever!". Now, as an adult, I thought I'd see if I'm still any good at making a Turtle, only this time I'd sculpt it. Here is what I came up with:





It's not a particulair Turtle, just A Turtle. I'm ofcourse planning to paint him and the bandana is gonna be red. Not because it's supposed to be Raphael, but because the Ninja Turles originally had out red bandana's when they made their debut in the 80's. So it could be any of the brothers.



After some last minute sculpting of a belt across the chest and some more plumbing details on the base, I started painting this dude... Need to finish the details and put him together permanently, but almost done!