Jabba has always been one of my favorite Star Wars characters. I've always played around with the idea of making him and now I finally started!



I started out with lots of styrofoam that I shaped in a general Jabba-ish form. I then sculpted over this base with my trusty 2-part epoxy and ended up with a very pale looking Jabba.

The sculpting is done. Now I can start designing Jabba's Throne and ofcourse, paint him.

Color-wise I'm gonna go with movie-Jabba; Ocre, browns & greens for the skin, and nice bright oranges and yellows for the eyes.

First I gave him a quick paint job to get an impression of how thing would turn out:




As for Jabba's throne, I deceided to design something different then the movie showed us. The movie throne has been copied many times and allthough it's fantastic looking, I've always had trouble seeing it as a throne.

I looked at A LOT of images of custom thrones, offiial statues & playsets and the early designs & concepts for Jedi. Some of those early concepts depict Jabba's throne as an actual stone structure. I liked that a lot and started drawing. This is the basic idea I went with:



 Work in progress on the actual throne:





As in Return Of The Jedi, my Jabba also likes a few decorative throw-pillows and what-not. So I made a few accessories.


Most important is the hookah. Like the catapillar in Lewis Caroll's Alice In Wonderland, this anthropomorphic slug also like a little puff every now and then. I chose to make a seperate hookah, instead of making it apart of the throne as seen in ROTJ.

It's fully sculpted and has a 2-part plastic orb on top. The inside of the bottom half of the orb is painted green and a transparant plasic disc is placed just below the paint line. Using Water Effects™ from WoodlandScenics I created a riple effect to simulate what I can only imagine to be the most dirty, stale, disgusting water in any galaxy, near or far away.










After a lot of work my Jabba The Hutt statue stands complete!