I've always been a huge fan of the Hanna-Barberra produced animated series The Pirates Of Dark Water. The main villain of the show, the Pirate King Bloth, commands a giant vessel called The Maelstrom. It's made almost entirely of the bones of leviathans and strikes terror into any and all who see it. The hold is big enough to hold entire ships, there's also an enormous area where he stores his slaves and prisoners, a pit for a vicious creature called the Constrictus (think sea Rancor), where he throws those he wants to dispose of, a series of sewerways snaking through the bowels of the ship, a hold to store dagrons, dagron perches above deck, captain's and officer's quarters, a brig, and even an old ship foundry.

Now, to build it in-scale with the Hasbro action figure would be great, but not very practicle. So I deceided to make a slice of the Maelstrom to serve as a cool display base/ enviroment for my Pirates figures. Lets start with some work in progress shots, shall we?  


More sculpting done... I'm just like Indiana Jones, making it up as I go. Sculpting all the planks is getting really old, really fast, but other then that it's quite enjoyable. I tried to design it in a way that looks believable as far as the construction of the beams and the bone-support structures goes.

 I'm afraid I didnt take more pictures from this point on, as the sculpt neared completion I also started painting it. This sometimes happens when a project takes as long as this one has and I just need to paint it.

And now, this 2 KG beast is finally done!