From The Pirates Of Dark Water's alien world of Mer: Morpho!

Morpho was an alchemist who sought to control the most powerful being on Mer for his own ends. During one of his underwater research expeditions the Dark Dweller took him over and made him into his servant. Transforming and disfiguring him into a half-man, half-creature of both worlds; the human world and the realm of Dark Water. He can control Dark Water and serves as the Dark Dweller's physical extension into the above world. They communicate via a magical orb that Morpho wears around his neck, containing Dark Water.

I made the orb oversized to symbolize the Dark Dwellers hold over him, almost like a ball & chain that physically and mentally restraints him. The base represents Dark Water.

Sculpted from 2 part epoxy, except the top of the orb which is a plastic and the necklace which is cloth. Painted with several brands of model paints and sealed with both matte and gloss sealent. 14 Inches tall.