This is Mutton-Chop. I came up with the name first, the design second:

"Mutton" is sheep- or lambsmeat. "Muttonchops" is old timey english for sideburns. "Chop" is karate. So for the "Mutton" part, I made him a sheep/goat like character with big sideburns. And for the "Chop" part of his name, I thought it would be appropriate, since Madballs is classic 80's, to give him the equally classic Daniel-san tengui ("Karate Kid headband" for all the 90's kids)

The Madballs-style dictates a lot of blood, slime, scars and other little details, so I put in as much as possible. I sculpted everything from epoxy and, as per Madballs standards, gave him a colorful paintjob. Mutton-Chop turned out a bad-a$$-tough-guy-street-fighter that may not necessarily know karate, but sure knows ka-razy!