These scenery pieces are design to be used with various tabletop wargames like WarHammer. All are original designs, 100% original sculpts and hand painted & flocked.

May Day 01

This is one of the first Warhammer 40K inspired pieces I've ever done.

Basically it's an old, busted-up bunker with some cool little stuff going on at the back side. A 'last stand' kind of thing, hence the name; May Day [at bunker] 01.

I think it worked out great, though I'm more at home in the realm of the more traditional, non-futuristic fantasy.

Like all of my pieces it was sculpted with epoxy and painted with several brands of model paints.




The Summoning Chamber

The Summoning Chamber is a nice little piece for either display, scenery or gameplay. It's rock structure with an organic looking interior. The idea behind it is that [evil] forces could be summoned to battle and be "born" out of this chamber.

It has three faces surrounding the entrance and a large skull-like detail on the back. The base has been flocked.