I've always thought of the [Venom] symbiote as a very primal, ancient being of pure instinct that taps in to the most primitive part of the brain, the reptilian brain, and releases the most primal instincts and urges of it's host. With that in mind, I tried to make this Venom somewhat snake-like in appearance. 

Sculpted from scratch and painted with several brands of model paints. Had a lot of fun working on this guy. I started with the teeth, then the tongue, the lower- and upper jaw and the rest. I went with the texured skin cause it has a scaly quality to it and I like it better then the smooth look. I deceided to paint the spider-symbol instead of sculpting it, figuring the symbiote would be able to change it's colors like a chameleon. The giant tongue and mouth were a blast to paint and received about a zillion coats of gloss varnish. The skin is a semi-gloss black and the eyes are ivory/ochre.